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  • Enter a new Course Category

Enter a short description of the course, in less than 30 words. Click on text to edit it and delete this text. Full course description will be added later on.


Course Settings

  • Maximum Course DurationDays

  • Course Evaluation Mode

  • Set a Pre-required Course

  • Drip Feed

    • Set Drip Feed DurationDays
  • Course Certificate

    • Set Certificate Percentageout of 100
    • Set Certificate Template
  • Course Badge

    • Set Badge Percentage out of 100
    • Set Badge Title
    • Upload Badge Image
  • Number of seats in course

  • Set Course Start Date

  • Connect a Course Forum

  • Enter a course completion message for students passing this course. This message is shown to students when students submit their course. The message is shown above the Course review form


Course Curriculum



  • Free Course

  • Set a Course Product

  • Set Product type

  • Set Product Price GBP
    Set Subscription duration Days
  • Save Course Pricing
  • 1Click on text to enter a Course title, delete the existing text in the title
  • 2 Select a Course Category, or Add a New one
  • 3 Select or upload a course image, this image is used as Course avatar.
  • 4 Enter a Short description about the course, the full description can be added later on. Start by deleting the existing text in the title
  • 5 Linkage greatly reduces the unit/quiz/question lists loaded on the page. Once a Linkage term is selected, the lists will only units/quizzes/questions connected to the same linkage term. If editing a course , save and refresh after selecting a Linkage term.
  • 5 A Offline Course is not visible to students in the course directory.
  • 1Enter the maximum duration for the course in days. This is the maximum duration within which the student should complete the course. Use 9999 for unlimited access to course.
  • 2Set Evaluation mode, Manual evaluation (from Course -> Admin ) or Automatic (* Requires at least 1 quiz in the course )
  • 3Set a pre-required course. A Pre Course should be completeted before a student can access this course
  • 4Enable Drip Feed course. Students see next lesson after x days. X is Duration of Drip.
  • 5Set a Course Certificate. Set certificate percentage marks which a student should achieve to get the course certificate. Select a certificate template.
  • 6Set a course Badge. Set percentage marks which a student should get to get the course badge. Upload the Badge image.
  • 7Set number of seats available for students to take the course. Once full students can not join the course. Enter 9999 for unlimited seats.
  • 8Set a Course Start date. If set to a post date, students can only join the course on/after the start date.
  • 9Connect a Course Group OR Create a new one
  • 10Connect a Course forum Or Create a new one or Create a Course Group Forum
  • 11Enter message which student see after submitting the course.
  • 1Start building curriculum by adding Units, Quizzes and sections.
  • 2After adding a new unit or quiz, make sure you publish it
  • 3Save the curriculum only when the button is green.
  • 1Connect the course with a product. A product defines the pricing of a course.

    a. Enter the Price of the product to set the price of your course.
    b. Select the type of product.

    If product is set to subscription mode, you need to set the subscription duration for the product.
    A student purchasing a Product with subscription gets access for the course for the subscription duration.
    A student purchasing a product without subscription gets access for the course for full course duration as entered in course settings.
  • 1Go live with your course if "Publish" access is granted by Administrator you course will be live as soon as you click on Go Live button.